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All of our horses are carefully selected for our program - they must be patient, sweet, not buck under saddle and not take off with riders. You may notice that all of our school horses are mares and many of them are older arabs. We strongly feel that no rider should come off the first year or so of riding (outside of unforseable events). Since Horsebound was founded we've been able to ensure the safety of our riders by a careful pre-purchase process and by giving new horses plenty of time to settle in, get to know us (and us them) before joining our program (minimum of 1 month). We've found that mares work best for our program and tend to be more patient and forgiving with any level of rider. The reason we have so many older arabs is that they still have plenty of energy and move off the leg, but are old enough to have a 'been there done that' attitude, aren't afraid or spooky, and love kids. Our horses ARE our program and we ensure that they are attentive to their riders, safe, sound, and happy with their jobs.

Kaya (2006)

We bought Kaya in the spring of 2014 to help replace Godiva. Kaya isn't registered so we aren't exactly sure what type of horse she is - our best guess is a draft cross. She is a perfect horse for adult beginners and intermediate to advanced younger riders. She has a nice western jog and lope but also does well ‘English', with a nice extended trot and canter. She hasn't quite figured out smaller beginners yet but we think over time she will be a great kids beginner horse as well.

Jasper (All About the Invite)
American Quarter Horse (2008)

Jasper is 15'1 hand quarter horse, he came to our program in June 2014. He has been amazing, in the arena and out on trail, with both beginners and advanced riders. He is versatile in both English and Western riding styles and loves both! He is a very patient, sweet and willing horse that loves attention. Jasper is owned jointly by fellow instructor Jo Davis and Mariel Savage.


Aubrey is 15'1 hand quarter horse, she came to our program September 2014 from Texas. After professional training Aubrey competed at Quarter Horse Congress before heading back to Texas. She has been a broodmare out in pasture the last few years (she is Trixie's mom) but she remembers ALL of her training. Her Western Pleasure training is so good that we don't expect her to do anything else! She is very sweet and willing, we are slowly integrating her into lessons.

Peaches (Berries Delight)
Arab (1986)

At 14'2 hands, Peaches is our best beginners horse and is almost always the horse a young, new rider will be assigned to ride. She is very sweet, patient, and calm, with a steady trot and amazing canter. Between her cute underbite, angry kisses (she gives kisses with her ears pinned) and amazing disposition she has a huge following with all of our riders and is adorded by all.

Jamie (Watch Me Forever)
American Quarter Horse (2008)

Jamie is a 15 hand quarter horse, she came into our program from Texas with Aubrey. She has less ‘fancy' training than Aubrey does but with her excellent breeding her gaits are just as smooth and she is just as willing. We are working on getting her canter perfected but already she has a great jog, great extended trot, and her canter is very smooth. She loves people and is always happy to do whatever is asked of her. Personality-wise we think she is the female version of Coltin - and it doesn't get much more perfect than that!

Savannah (Fire N Nice)
National Show Horse (1994)

Savannah is a 15 hand National Show Horse - and is hands down our best lesson horse.  We bought Savannah in the spring of 2011, she can take any level of rider, any age rider, and loves going on trail.  She has extensive training in both English and Western riding, along with some basic dressage as well.  She is always willing, very patient, and is the favorite of all of her riders.  Just don't let another horse get too close to her - she feels very strongly about her personal space.

Biz (Libertad)
Andalusian (1994)

Biz is a 5 time undefeated Half Andalusian National Champion in English Pleasure, Western Pleasure, Dressage Suitability and Pleasure Driving. He was also the High Point Performance Horse of the Year two years in a row, winner of the Del Mar Show Challenge of the Breeds in 2002, and has won numerous regional and local shows. He has also participated in many parades in the San Diego area and has extensive dressage training, being a schoolmaster for all disciplines. He is available to our advanced students riding with Amy for arena and students at lower levels for trail riding. He is on loan to the school through the generosity of Sharon Haynesworth (his mom) and has a huge fan club among our students.

Kalesi (Magic Moment MRV)
Arab, Age: 15

Kalesi became part of our program in May 2012 and has quickly proven that an intelligent lifetime trail horse can be an amazing arena horse as well. Kalesi has completed over 40 Trailride competitions in her life, including finishing the Tevis Cup twice. She moves with a purpose under saddle, on trail or in the arena, has smooth gaits and is always willing to do anything her rider asks of her. She is still figuring out smaller riders so for now she is only taking intermediate to advanced riders. She loves attention, is very sweet and (of course) is a beautiful Arabian mare.


Sina (Wtg Haskimsmelody)
Arab (1992)

Sina was purchased in April of 2012 and after our month of adjustment time she jumped right into lessons. While Sina was settling into the pasture we noticed that she was very sweet and gentle with Peaches (most of the horses ignore sweet Peaches), and that Peaches seemed to love spending time with her. So now they are permanent stall-mates, living together in one of the smaller paddocks. Sina loves all of the attention she gets from our girls and has become yet another amazing lesson horse. She has a forward trot, but all the rider has to do is ask and she will slow down to a perfectly paced trot. Her canter is very smooth, but for now is only on the line since we are still working with her to slow down a little. Not only does she look like Silver but she also shares his love of trail. The 1st time she went on trail she was perfect, trying to lead the way the whole time. Sina is a great horse for Horsebound - everyone LOVES Silver, we finally have a school horse that looks like him, loves trail, and is just as sweet!

American Quarter Horse (2002)

Ike is a 15'1 hand quarter horse that started being used in the program in the spring of 2013.  He is versatile in both Western and English and is the best trail horse in the program.  He is best suited to intermediate or advanced riders for the arena, but LOVES taking younger kids on trail when asked.  He is a very willing, patient, sweet horse that makes us think maybe geldings are just as good as mares for a lesson program.  Ike is on loan to the program through the generosity of Jim and Gail Greagrey.

So we do have some horses in the pasture that aren't quite school horses,
but we felt they still needed an introduction:

Horses you see around the pasture:

Trixie (Vestalena Zip)
American Quarter Horse (2010)

Trixie arrived in October 2013 from a pasture in Texas. Katie took her on as a project to learn how to train young horses with help from Kim Yin. Trixie has been an amazing learning experience for many of our students (and us). Coltin is (of course) her horse trainer, between him and all of the human trainers she is on her way to being a very nice horse.

Odessa (Odissea)
Trakehner (1993)

Odessa is a 16'3 hand warmblood that came to us spring 2014. She was born in Russia, grew up in Denmark and was imported in 2000 to California. She has Dressage training up to third level and is the great granddaughter of Pepel . She is an amazing horse, always willing, and incredibly sweet. Right now she is Katie's private riding horse but she has a few lessons a week with advanced students.

Hi, I'm Cairo and I'm the only blue-eyed Arab at the ranch. I belong to Amy & she's only one you'll see riding me since I just turned 5! Despite my young age I'm already fantastic on trail so you may get to ride with me if Amy takes you on trail... I'm very sweet & love attention!


This is Coltin. He belongs to Katie, but loves going on trail & occasionally giving lessons. He was the original blue eyed horse & is confused with Cairo all the time. If you look closely, Coltin has white markings on his barrel & neck, while Cairo only has white socks!

Roxy (Roxy's Alpine Meadow)
American Paint Horse (2000)

Roxy is a 15'3 hand paint mare, she was purchased in 2011 by Roxy Jordan and was her beloved riding horse for several years.  Roxy the human lost her battle with cancer in April of 2014 and left Roxy the horse in the care of Horsebound.  She is currently recovering from a soft tissue injury but we hope she will be back up and sound sometime this fall.  Roxy has amazing training and very smooth gaits, is very sweet if somewhat opinionated (like all paints!).
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